Safety and Productivity in Opencast Mines

In the competitive world market, productivity is fundamental to economic
progress and prosperity of any industries and services throughout the world.
Though the inputs used in production of any industry are hydra headed, the
physical and human factors are considered to be most important and driving
forces. As the physical inputs themselves, do not produce, they are utilized by the
human beings efficiently.

Especially, in the case of mining industry which is labour intensive, the efficiency and success primarily depends on the efficiency with which its human and physical inputs are managed There is misconception that increased safety in operation will not contribute to productivity But, Without safety, sustained production and productivity is not possible to achieve.

Productivity is a measure of efficient systems and system-effectiveness can be
enhanced only safe operation.. For example, any accident or malfunctioning of a
system will grind a halt to the production process and productivity is meaning less
without production. Safe and healthy work situation promotes motivation and
morale of the workers and thereby boost production and productivity. So, Safety
and Productivity must go hand in hand.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 07:38