Safety And Productivity

It is a common belief in Indian industries that, safety & productivity improvement are two
different subjects and are not related with each other. But this is not true. Productivity &
Safety can be achieved or improved simultaneously at some areas by giving proper
thought. In the paper, it is explained how productivity and safety are inter related and how
they can go hand in hand. Productivity improvement at the cost of safety is undesirable and
can put the organization and the workforce in great trouble.

Safety is not only the elimination or prevention of risks associated with work place or work
methods, but also includes the elimination of fatigue caused to the operator by performing
the operation. One of the key steps in achieving this can be by using low cost automations
at the identified hazard work stations, which can eliminate safety hazards and at the same
improve the productivity.

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Mon, 11/04/2011 - 22:37