The Role of Cryogenics

The purpose of this work is to present some
guidelines in the sustainable machining processes,
using cryogenic conditions and gaining higher
performances,lower environmental and health
influences, increased safety, etc. The study
presents the details about cryogenic fluids and
their use in machining processes as analternative
to oil-based emulsions. The details of liquid
nitrogen and the ways of their application in the
machining processes, known as cryogenic
machining process, are given. The research is
upgraded with experimental case study on high
temperature alloy machining – tungsten, and so
presenting an importantscientific and
sustainability contribution in production
processes. Experimental and analytical results are
proving that the cryogenic machining technology
has a high potential to cut costs and improve
competitiveness, by reducing resource
consumption and creating less waste and have less
of an environmental and social impact, fulfilling
the sustainability pillars: economical, social and
environmental one, over conventional machining

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:17