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An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a
remotely piloted vehicle is an aircraft that is flown by
a pilot or a navigator depending on the different Air
Forces however, without a human crew on board the
aircraft. Their largest uses are in military
Since, lots of UAV are now designed by various
peoples in various parts of the world, the most
important defective factor remaining in all those
UAV’s are Radiation, oversize design ,loss of signal
traction when needed and illegal usage of those
programmed UAVs.
In order to reduce those defects we shall follow few
steps, such as improvisation of design of a UAV,
which helps in reduction of the weight to a great
extent. Such as Usage of the composite materials in
those UAV gives better strength and endurance &
designing a Wing less structure of UAV
Usage of Lithium Polymer batteries, instead of any
propulsive systems which needs fuel for combustion
.Those batteries can be renewed with the help of the
solar cells placed on the top body of the UAV.
An additional kit can be designed. This kit can be
attached with the main part of the UAV and this
assembly can be used as one of the weapon in the war

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