Remote Chess

Remote Chess is a rapid-response input device for chess games played over the Internet. Remote Chess allows you play chess in real time against opponents anywhere in the world so long as there is an internet connection. All that it requires is a Remote Chess chessboard, a NTSC television, and a computer running Matlab. You have to create a pair of chess boards for playing remote chess. These chessboards should detect the movement of pieces and transmit data regarding those moves to each other. The transmission should be sent using a serial connection, the range of this connection is extended through a Matlab script bridging the serial ports of two Computers which are connected to each other over the Internet. For our chess board to function, they need to perform four separate tasks: scan each tile of the board for the presence or absence of a piece, compare this with previous values, communicate with the other board, and communicate with the user.

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Tue, 30/03/2010 - 13:13