Reliability and Quality Improvement

In wind system, reliability is a
critical factor in the success of wind energy
projects. The wind industry has had a chronic
problem with the reliability of its gearboxes,
generator and electrical system. Preventive
maintenance is carried out at predetermined
intervals or according to prescribed criteria and is
intended to reduce the probability of a failure.
Condition based maintenance is a type of
preventive maintenance that is based on the
performance and monitoring of
parameters.Condition monitoring cannot be used
to avoid damage occurring to the equipment,
however the right technique can be used to
prevent the damage and to avoid the failure of the
equipment. The preventative maintenance
strategy commonly referred as Time-Based
Maintenance (TBM) which involves in carrying
out maintenance tasks at predetermined regularintervals.
Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is
one of the possible strategies that can be
determined through the application of an
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
technique. The overall result showed Condition-
Based Maintenance is the most cost effective

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