Region of Interest based Robust Watermarking Scheme

Region of Interest based Robust Watermarking Scheme for Adaptation in Small Displays





Multimedia data are easily replicated these days and copyright is not legally protected.Cryptography does not allow the use of digital data in its original form and once the data is decrypted, it is no longer protected. So here we have proposed a new double protected digital image watermarking algorithm, which can embed the watermark image blocks into the adjacent regions of the host image itself based on their blocks similarity coefficient which is robust to various noise effects like Poisson noise, Gaussian noise, Random noise and thereby provide double security one from noises and the other from hackers (i.e.) both host and watermark image are the same. As instrumentation applications require a much accurate data the watermark image which is to be extracted back from the watermarked image must be immune to various noise effects. Our results provide better extracted image compared to the present techniques and the additional concept is resizing the same for various displays.  Adaptive resizing for various size displays is being experimented wherein we crop the required information from the frame, zoom it for a large display or resize for a small display using a threshold value and in either cases background is not given importance but it is only the fore-sight object which gains importance which will surely be helpful in performing surgeries.

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Tue, 05/04/2011 - 15:45