Reducing climate change gas emissions

There are a number of different causes for climate change, many of which are naturally generated (e.g., variations in solar radiation, volcanic activity etc). However, it is man-made climate change that is of major concern because it appears to be leading to a progressive and accelerating warming of the planet, as a result of the release of greenhouse gases (GHG).Scientists have been making a great deal of progress in both describing the conditions that create climate change and in predicting the future effects of our current level of greenhouse gas production.

The paper industry’s climate change gas emissions are growing. This paper considers how to reduce emissions from cut-size office paper by bypassing stages in its life cycle. The options considered are: incineration, which cuts out landfill; localization, which cuts out transport; annual fibre, which cuts out forestry and reduces pulping; fibre recycling, which cuts out landfill, forestry and pulping; un-printing, which cuts out all stages except printing; electronic-paper, which cuts out all stages. Un-printing may offer the greatest climate change emission reduction. There are uncertainties in this result, particularly in estimating the proportion of waste office paper would be suitable for un-printing.

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Tue, 12/04/2011 - 14:58