Project name: Check your IQ (Quiz program) Programming language: C   Abstract      This is a highly flexible quiz project that can be used to test your visitors, with the accurate results. This project supports arbitrary number of questions, each supporting an arbitrary number of choices. This quiz program project is based on C programming where the users can check their IQ level by answering the questions . C programming allows you to easily create quizzes that use any combination of multiple choice, multiple select, and some clues (in some critical situations).      The results are accurate for the users. This project can be easily handled by the users. This quiz program is fully designed with C programming. Feature highlights are, it has plenty of unlimited questions and answers, time limits on questions, multiple choice questions and true/false types, no programming knowledge required for the users, check the latest scores of any quiz, automatic high score lists and easy to use. This is a complete quiz portal for quiz masters.        By,                                                               M.Nivedha, B.E CSE IInd Year,                                                               S.Balayogalakshmi, B.E CSE IIndYear.

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Mon, 21/03/2011 - 21:33