PTS (Project Tracking System)


Project Details   :


This project has two modules.


  • Time tracking
  • Issue tracking

 PTS is a collaboration workflow based on the Projects Management System for managing software projects in the organization. The admin can create the project and allot the project manager & employee for corresponding project using application.

The Time tracker tracks the individual employee’s working time and total working time of projects. We can take the working time report for daily, monthly and annual. The project manager can trace the project status and estimation time of project.

The Issue tracker tracks the issues of projects if any issue or bug occurs in the projects. Tracked issues will be sending and notified to the particular developer by Tester or PM. After rectify issue the developer will send the mail back to them. It is enhancing the project details handle in the organization.


  • Responsible for the design and development.
  • Involved in database design using SQL Server 2005.
  • Played diverse roles in developing and implementation of modules.

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