The PSEUDO-FEET is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle which is compact, powerful, rechargeable and fun. It gives the user the ability to move faster and carry more – an efficient benefit to anyone.

            This Human Transporter works through technology called dynamic stabilization. Dynamic stabilization works similarly to its model – a person’s own sense of balance. People use their inner ear, eyes, muscles, and a brain to keep their body balanced. The PSEUDO-FEET uses ,single axis MEMS accelerometer sensor, high-speed PIC microcontroller, and powerful geared DC motors to keep its balance. Working together these dynamic stabilization components sense the user’s centre of gravity, instantaneously assess the information and make adjustments to the machine at one hundred times per second. Thus, the PSEUDO-FEET balances itself whether moving, carrying a heavy load, manoeuvring in tight spaces, or standing still.

            The operation of the PSEUDO-FEET, after  the first try, is natural, intuitive and simple. This machine becomes an extension of the user as it responds to the changes of the person’s centre of gravity. There are no brakes and no acceleration pedal. The two wheels, the frame, mechanics and steering grip are the components. To operate, a user simply leans forward and the robot will move forward, straighten up and it will stop. Lean back and the robot will move backwards, straighten up and it will stop. To turn, press the desired switches in the direction needed.

            The PIC microcontroller  take the movement information and run it through an advanced piece of software that controls the PSEUDO-FEET. The software program monitors all of the stability information coming from the MEMS sensor and adjusts the speed of the DC motors in response. The motors, powered by a pair of rechargeable batteries, then turn each of the wheels and the robot and user move.This new transportation system is simple to use but does consist of a complex engineering marvel

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