The project titled ‘Resource Scheduling System’ is developed to enable network access of the resource scheduled to the persons in an IT company over the web browser. The existing system was not network enabled, it was developed using windows application.

Each and every client was required to install the software to connect to the centralized database server to check out the resources and tasks. It was a tedious work because if the software got corrupted then it needs to be reinstalled again. In each and every system it was required to configure the server settings to connect to the centralized database server when ever the software is installed.

If the server gets down then we should have a secondary server, and we should configure the client machines application also to connect to the secondary server.

There are number of advantages over the existing system, in the existing system we should deploy the software application in each client machine, but in case of proposed system we don’t need to deploy the application in each client machine. We need to deploy it only on the central server called the IIS (Internet Information Services).
The software application can be accessed through the browser. We don’t need to deploy it on each client machine. If we specify the URL path in the browser, the application will be opened with the default form or page. Each and ever authentication is stored to maintain the session, the corresponding page will be opened with rights according to the authentication rights for each and every user who logs on.
A centralized application server is maintained to control the over all transaction, in the existing system application server does not exist. In the application server we deploy the software application which enables the clients who are connected to access the application globally.

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