The following work studies a conceptual design of a disc brake system. Disc brakes offer higher performance braking, simpler design, lighter weight, and better resistance to water interference than drum brakes. The aim of this conceptual design was to increase the strength of the caliper, without increasing the weight of the caliper by a large amount and reducing the thermal deformation at high operating temperatures. Since titanium is difficult to machine the mono block design of conventional machined caliper was not used in this work but an attempt was made to built a brake caliper with different parts and assembled together to make a single unit. Also titanium parts used were machined from plates with no complicated shapes to save on machining costs in future. Since titanium has higher mass density care was taken while designing the new brake system to keep the weight increase to minimum.The existing brake caliper was analyzed for given load conditions with new material suggested. The results were studied for displacements and stresses along with thermal effects.


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