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Productivity Improvement by Modeling and Simulation of a Production Process

The objective of this study is to identify the problems of manufacturing units which occurred
on production line of press shop at preliminary level and model them using the software
WITNESS 2008. Using witness we simulated the situation on the line to get the real feel of the
problem in order to detect the flaws which can incur. This will help us to optimize the problem.

The process is studied thoroughly and necessary observations are made and the process is
replicated to computerized model by using WITNESS-2008. It provides us with all the basic
and manufacturing elements through which we can represent the real entities of the process. The
model so developed is verified and validated. The computer environment so obtained gives us an
excellent platform to perform various experiments and do virtual changes in the model. We can
perform many experiments to change the model so that the overall productivity changes. We have
experimented with optimization technique to increase productivity. The results are positive
increase in overall productivity.

The terminology used in the Witness 2008 edition is tailored to manufacturing, as are some
of the designer elements sets and the majority of example models. This edition of WITNESS is
targeted primarily at organizations with manufacturing industry bias – however the
models that can be created are not limited to this.

With WITNESS and the tools it offer, we aim at understanding an Industrial process –

• Compare it with standards.
• Testing its effectiveness and efficiency.
• Calculating Resource Utilization,
• Optimizing the process
• Identifying Bottlenecks.

These and many more will help us in greater understanding of the process and increase the
productivity of the manufacturing process.

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