Productivity Enhancement through Industrial Safety

Conventionally Safety policies are contradictory to productivity. Safety gadgets and other equipments slows the human movements which makes the work slow and also gives discomfort, even though it ensures safe working. But safety policies are inevitable as human life and capital investments in equipments are of high value. So the question is how to implement safety practices in such a way as not to hamper the productivity and productivity enhancements. Therefore it is a need to introduce ‘safety improvements and ensuring programs’ in such a way that the employees are motivated. The employees have to be convinced by the fact that the organization is caring for
them. This further motivates them, which indirectly enhances productivity. Also safety measures ensure that work stoppages and accidents are reduced and it improves the effective utilization of the plant. Safe working practices also guarantees that there is no loss and damage to the equipments and the need of compensation against accidents are also avoided. This paper elaborates how safety enhances productivity by employee motivation.

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Wed, 06/04/2011 - 23:40