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This project (Production Planning and Control) aim is to simplify your day-to-day work. There are a range of functions and reports that provide extensive information on all materials with their stock data.

The main process involves Goods Receipts, Goods Issue, details about stocks and the warehouse contents are stored into the database. They are updated accordingly in the system.


The project consists of various modules such as raw materials, vendor details, purchase order, repair section, quality inspection etc. Each one performs its own process.


However, the main objective of the project is purchasing raw materials from the vendors and assembling them as finished products for purchase. These products after quality inspection (i.e.) in case of any damage are sent back to the assembling section, and if not, are sent to the warehouse for sales.


Individual reports are provided for each module, these includes various stock transactions

Reports are provided as day wise, month wise, as weekly reports and so on.

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