Production Monitoring System

In order to promote the information-based
development of the textile industry, and improve the
production management, we develop a production
monitoring and decision system via network
technology, database technology and
communication technology. For all machines'
production data and operating status, system can
realize remote and on-line monitoring, and
strengthen production process control. During the
system software design process, first, we analyze
actual requirements and present condition of the
textile industry, study production operation
workflow and technical difficulties. Then, we
introduce system structure based on Client I Server
mode, as well as work principle. Third, we develop
a suitable layout for implementing production
monitoring system. It will improve the material
flow in production unit. The RFID technology is
used to collect the production data. As verified by
practice, system has much more reliability,
convenience and flexible, and it can accurately
collect production data, timely reflect machine
operating status, and provide correct production
management decision basis for plant-level
managers. Furthermore, the primary functions of
system meet the actual requirements of production
management, and boost information technology
development of the textile industry.

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Wed, 13/04/2011 - 10:39