There has been significant research going for Green Energy Solution. The objective of this project is to generate energy from the moving traffic on the road. Horizontal roller is connected with the dynamo. Whenever vehicles passes through the road, horizontal roller will move, dynamo will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generated electrical energy is used to charge DC battery. During the night time street lights are run through the charged DC Battery. Photovoltaic cells have been used to sense the light of the surroundings. During the night time it gives signal to turn on Street Light.


Design Approach for Production and Utilization of Energy by Busy Road


Moving roller is connected to the dynamo. Dynamo converts mechanical energy produced by the roller into the electrical energy. DC dynamo has been connected to the DC battery which stores generated energy.


Infrared sensors are placed on the roadside. These sensors detect the presence of vehicles. During night time, when there is no traffic half of the street lights are turned on. Whenever there is significant traffic, all the traffic lights are turned on. Photovoltaic cells have been used to sense light of the surrounding. During the night time it turns on the traffic light.


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