Prediction of Percentage Dilution

Corrosion in general problem affects the
process in industries such as chemical, fertilizer,
nuclear, steam power plants, food processing, and
petrochemical industries, which weakens the steel
structure causing it to fail premature. Though
corrosion cannot be eliminated fully, it can be reduced
to certain extent by using the high corrosion resistant
materials, such as stainless steel. Weld cladding is a
process of depositing a thick layer of a corrosion
resistant material over carbon steel surface to improve
the corrosion resistance properties, here weld claddings
were deposited by FCAW. The main objectives of this
paper to predict the set of process parameters, which
gives the less percentage of dilution. The base plate is
mild steel: IS2062, deposited material as super duplex
stainless steel: FC2507P ,shielding gas as gas, mixture
of ARGON(80%) & CO2(20%). experiments were
conducted based on five-factor, five-level central
composite rotatable design with full replication
technique. The mathematical models were developed
using multiple regression method. The percentage of
dilution will be predicted by using Quality America

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Thu, 14/04/2011 - 01:21