Pre-paid Recharging System on Banking.

The proposed system is designed to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing system. It is designed by keeping to eliminate the drawbacks of the present system in order to provide a permanent solution to the problems. The primary aim of the new system is to speedup transactions. The report is prepared for the schemes and implemented by the concerned officials.
Since the advent of banking services in the Middle Ages bank customers have used paper-based instrument to move money between accounts. In the past few years, electronics messages moving through private networks have largely replaced paper for most of the messages exchanged among banks each day MOBILE BANKING is the first step in electronic replacements for traditional forms of payments in the banks and among users.
It comes as no surprise to one that when everything is being converted to electronics then how business and banking can be left behind. Already the business has to global with the coming of Internet. Now, no more the individual aims at the local market is also just a click of button away. Dozens of companies are in the race to convince bankers and merchants that a pot of gold awaits those who conduct their business on the Internet. In this fast race of business and moneymaking, no country, no company and no individual want to fall back. Everyone wants to lead the group. Hence, everyone is trying to make the best use of Internet.

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