A device used to control another device from some distance is called a remote control. Infrared remote control is used in this project. This remote control facility is used to display the alphanumeric characters in the advertisement display from some distance. The infrared receiver board receiver too has many different codes, each code with different ,alphanumeric settings. Using a remote control one can change code, and set various letters .The pulse code word received by the sensor section is encoded into a three bit data, and given to the software section. The software written using 'C' manipulates and converts the codes into alphanumeric characters. The actual display system is arranged in matrix of LED's where each character is made up of 8 x 5 LED dot matrix. The system is able to display about 10 characters at a time. Besides its use in 'ADVERTISEMENT DISPLAY' it can be used to display the arrival and departure timings in railway stations and airports. They can also be used to display information timings, token numbers in banks and doctor's clinic.

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