Parametric Study

The cyclone separator is a device for the separation of the dense phase from a two-phase flow by the action of
centrifugal forces. Due to its simple design and absence of moving parts, low manufacturing and maintenance costs,
and flexibility for use in extreme operating conditions, cyclone separator has been extensively used both for particle
sampling and particle removal from fluids, air or process gases, in the field of environmental control and in various
A cyclone is a widely used device in cement manufacture for high temperature gas separator due to their simplicity
and low maintenance requirements. By varying gas flow path geometry, cyclones are adapted for use in different type
of cement plant under high temperature and corrosive gas environment.
The objective of this study is to investigate the behavior of dust particle at an elevated temperature range in the existing
cyclone separator using CFD, further improve it performance by a parametric study.
For this, a study of existing model is made. After analysing the factors, such as pressure drop, velocity profile etc.a new
system is to be found with lesser pressure drop and high separation efficiency. The variation in the pressure drop will
vary the power consumption; increase in the collection efficiency will increase the separation of dust particles from the
air flow

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Wed, 13/04/2011 - 09:41