Out-bound logistics:

Warehousing and delivery packaging design are two important issues in outbound (and inbound) logistics and distribution. Standardized reusable containers, good warehouse layouts, easy information access all cut storage and retrieval movements and save on operating costs and are environmentally more sound. Freight consolidation functions and “breakbulk” operations carried out in warehouses also have the potential of utilizing transport capacity more efficiently, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the out bound transport system.

Packaging has been a very sensitive issue among European manufacturers and consumers. The presence of packaging take-back laws has caused many organizations to rethink the design of their product’s packaging as well as how to manage the packaging delivery and logistics, once it is used. One controversy that seems to be growing in the packaging area is whether single use packaging is more environmentally sound than reusable packaging.

 For example, the Association for Beverage Cartons and the Environment has reported no specific benefit for using either type of packaging, after 15 studies were undertaken (Reeves, 1998). Part of the difficulty in determining which part of this debate is correct, is the poor development of LCA.

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