It’s an intranet application. The main concept for developing the project is conference on the net. We can compare the net Conference with the telephone conference. Only the allowed employees can login, and have conference with other allowed employees and individual conclusion is made.
It is having mainly two modules. One is at Administration Level and other one is of Employees. It maintains authentication in order to access the application. Administrator task includes Employee Registration i.e., new employee recruitment will take place. News and information about company can access employee.
Authorities will refer the complaints that are given by employees. Issues will put in front of related employees to get proper solutions. For selecting higher posts Elections will be conducted.

The user modules include reading and checking notice and displayed issues. Employees can register complaint against management. Every employee can participate in the elections. Nominees can put their promise on net through canvas module. Results will be displayed for every issue. On issue an employee can vote only for once. It generates all the related validations.

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