The Aim of this project is to develop software that is used for order entry and processing. Orders can be received from businesses, consumers, or a mix of both, depending on the products. Offers and pricing will be done via catalogs and websites.
The Customer will get a Reference Number, while placing the order and before ordering the customer should register his details where he will get a permanent id of Registration, after verifying and identifying the Genuineness of the customer.
This step is taken to stop the malicious user, after complete verification about the customer then the permanent id of Registration will be given, customer will be given a Login id and password, a customer can place order after entering his login area using his Login id and password.
Purpose The main aim of this project is to maintain the Orders using web and Electronic forms, to reduce the paper and printing and distribution work. To be identified as an economical and effective Information Technology Service.
1.2 Scope: The Scope of the Order Management System includes:
• Keeping all records in Electronic forms.
• Online tracking system provides priority and quick information for users.
• To execute orders in an efficient, secured and cost-effective manner.
• Easy Access to Customer where they can access from anywhere 24 X 7
• Accuracy and consistency input is accepted in project as validation rules are used.
• To stop the malicious users, high priority is given to Data security
• To secure data in the case of disaster, Auto backup facility is provided
• Unnecessary duplication of data is Controlled, and great priority is given for data redundancy
• Customer can get all the details about the Product and he can give an order online.
• Catalogs, Videos, Photographs, Specifications are given of the product so that customer can take a right choice.
• A SMS can be sent to the Customer on request to track the system.
• Multiple Order Tracking, where customer can track multiple orders at a time.
• Customer friendly environment is provided in software, easy to use by just some mouse clicking’s and little data entry.


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