Composite materials are continuously replacing traditional materials due to their excellent properties.  A single large part made of composites can replace many metal parts.  Composite materials can be embedded with sensors, which can monitor fatigue and performance.  They have high stiffness to density ratio thereby providing greater strength at lighter weights.  The use of light-weight materials means an increase in the fuel efficiency of automobiles and airplanes.  Drilling is one of the most frequently practiced machining processes in industries owing to the need for component assembly in mechanical structures.  In this project two different volume (weight) fractions of GFRP composites are considered and Polyester Resin is uses as the matrix material. In this work GFRP composite materials are being manufactured by hand lay-up method and the mechanical properties are calculated as per ASTM standard.  Experiments were being conducted using HSS drills based on L9 orthogonal Array.  The process parameters investigated are spindle speed, feed rate and drill diameter.  Taguchi method is used here to predict the Thrust Force, Torque, and Delamination.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:34