In a compressed air system, the atmospheric air is
compressed using different types of compressors such
as piston type, screw compressors are of positive
displacement method and centrifugal compressors
are of continuous flow type. When air gets
compressed in a compressed air system, it generates
enormous amount of heat. Oil is injected in to the
compressor chamber for cooling. In screw
compressors the amount of oil injected is constant,
irrespective of climatic condition and generated heat.
In winter and rainy session the ambient will be much
lower and heat generated will be also lower. If oil
injection quantity is as same as in summer it results
in further reduction in heat, at the same time it leads
to reduction of oil viscosity. The viscosity of oil plays
major role in power consumption. If oil viscosity
reduces it leads to higher power consumption. The
new system to be designed such a way that amount of
oil injected to the compression chamber to be
regulated based on climatic condition and generated
heat load.

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