Online Recruitment

This project Online Recruitment System is an online website in which jobseekers can
register themselves online and apply for job and attend the exam. Online Recruitment System
provides online help to the users all over the world. Using web recruitment systems like
recruitment websites or jobsites also play a role in simplifying the recruitment process. Such
websites have facilities where prospective candidates can upload their CV’s and apply for jobs
suited to them. Such sites also make it possible for recruiters and companies to post their staffing
requirements and view profiles of interested candidates. Earlier recruitment was done manually
and it was all at a time consuming work. Now it is all possible in a fraction of second. It is all
done online without much time consuming. Today’s recruitment applications are designed to do
a whole lot more than just reduce paperwork. They can make a significant contribution to a
company’s marketing and sales activity. Recruitment websites and software make possible for
managers to access information that is crucial to managing their staff, which they can use for
promotion decisions, payroll considerations and succession planning.
Online Recruitment System enables the users to have the typical examination
facilities and features at their disposal. It resolves typical issues of manual examination processes
and activities into a controlled and closely monitored work flow in the architecture of the
application. This multi platform solution brings in by default, the basic intelligence and immense
possibilities for further extension of the application as required by the user. The system makes it
friendly to distribute, share and manage the examination entities with higher efficiency and
easiness. The objective of these websites is to serve as a common meeting ground for jobseekers
and employers, both locally and globally, where the candidates find their dream jobs and
recruiters find the right candidate to fulfill their needs. These sites are specifically designed for
those who seek the most demanding and challenging positions in their chosen field, with the
most dynamic employers. Thousands of websites compete for your attention-each has its own
unique interface, URL and peculiarities.
A quick look at the overall trends in Online recruiting shows the rise in the importance of
marketing the web site, online training, dawn of video interviews and emergence of professional
Internet Recruiters. Online recruiting and online recruiting systems, with its emphasis on a more
strategic decision making process is fast gaining ground as a popular outsourced function

This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central recruitment Process system
for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies, storing
application data, and Interview process initiation, Scheduling interviews, storing Interview
results for the applicant and finally Hiring of the applicant. Reports may be required to be
generated for the use of the HR group.
This project ‘Online Recruitment System’ is an online website in which jobseekers can
register themselves and then attend the exam. Based on the outcome of the exam the jobseekers
will be short listed. For fresher, the exam will be conducted at some venue after short listing of
the preliminary Aptitude Test. The details of the examination, venue & Date of the examination
will be made available to them through the website.
Module in this project:
1. Administrator
2. Jobseekers
3. Company
Brief description on the modules:
1. Administrator: Administrator has the full authority over the website. He can view all
the registered users and have the power to delete them. He can edit the web pages and update
them. He can view all the company details also.
2. Jobseeker: A jobseeker can register himself. After registration, he will be directed to
his homepage. Here he can update his profile, change password and see the examination details
and all.
3. Company: A company can register itself, conduct online examination, approve or
disapprove candidates attending examination and provides results about the selected candidates

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