online mobile banking

Some unique features to highlight:

  • View bank and credit card accounts
  • Transfer funds to other banks in India
  • Pay utility bills – offering over 100 billers across the Country
  • ATM Locator - Locate the nearest SCB Branch/ATM
  • mCommerce: Top up a pre-paid mobile phone (across all networks)
  • mCommerce: Choose the cinema, choose your seats and purchase your tickets all within Breeze
  • mCommerce: Find, book and pay for your airline tickets
  • Treat your smart phone like the computer it is.
  • Don't talk to cyber-strangers, and don't click on hyperlinks within emails from strangers. "That's the easiest way to download malware to your computer,"
  • Treat social networks like dark street corners
  • Use the Net to your own advantage
  • Get free help.
  •  Think of a new word.
  •  Never, ever give your Social Security number to anyone online.
  • Shred or safely store financial mail. Bank statements, investment documents, and other 9. Fight back quickly
  •  Trust your gut

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Wed, 15/06/2011 - 11:05