online medical portal (e-doctor)

In this modern world everything can be controlled and accessed without the presence of a particular person- that which the time constraint of the modern world demands. This concept is implemented in a complete way through the ONLINE MEDICAL is project. It is not practical in today’s life to spend much time only being dedicated for a particular work.
The admin module is concerned with updating of the number of patients and doctors in the medical portal. The admin can add doctors to the portal and enter their details like Name, Qualification and Specialization etc. He can view the details of both patients and doctors and has the right to delete from the medical portal if necessary.
Every patient will be given unique patient ID .When a patient comes to reception desk, a new registration number is automatically allotted to him. His personal details like Name, Age, Sex, Address etc. and the service desired are fed into the software. The patient can then view the doctor available to him and the send a request to the doctors for his approval.The doctor on getting request from the patient decides to whether to accept his request or reject it. After receiving approval from the doctor the patient can start communicating with the doctor by sending offline message. There is also an option for both the patient and the doctor to do live chatting.

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Sun, 10/03/2013 - 13:42