online examination system

This is an online examination system developed  using servlets and jsp in the front end and oracle in the back end.


        It is very essential for an institution to handle the  Examinations and their results.It is very useful for an institution to test its students continuously for their mutual development. This system is  helpful for conducting Multiple Choice Examinations and provides immediate results saving time. With the effective use, any institution can apply the "Online Examination System".

     This system has two end users, the student and the examiner. With this system , the student will be able to appear foran examination online whereas the examiner can conduct  an exam with multiple choice question which will be unique and randomly generated from the database in the desired subject. 



The marks will be displayed at the end of the examination and also will be entered in the database for future reference. The \examiner will be able to update question bank and student details. The facility to view mark list and the number of passed and failed candidates is also available.


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