News Feeds
It is a website which reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check sites for
updates, creating a unique information space or "personal newspaper".Once
subscribed to this website, our site is able to check for new content or updates for
user-selected categories and retrieve the update. The categories are provided by the
site and the user can select more than one topic from the given categories. This site
can be used by the subscribed users to view the relevant news updates. The
subscription is free of cost. This site is created using PHP, XML and MySQL. This
site uses RSS technology.
News Feeds
News Feeds is a website that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one
of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits, and displays them in reversechronological
order on a single page. News Feeds is the latest information
management website. News Feeds is using RSS [Rich Site Summery or Really Simple
Syndication] technology. RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish
frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in
a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a "feed", "web feed", or
"channel") includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates
and authorship. News Feeds is a useful website for all kind of peoples, for finding
updated news for their specified and desired topics. It will bring new dimensions on
news searching. It will be very useful for studios pupils as well as new readers.
News Feeds
System analysis is a process of gathering and interpreting facts,
diagnosing problems and the information to recommend improvements on the system.
It is a problem solving activity that requires intensive communication between the
system users and system developers. System analysis or study is an important phase
of any system development process. The system is studied to the minutest detail and
analyzed. The system analyst plays the role of the interrogator and dwells deep into
the working of the present system. The system is viewed as a whole and the input to
the system are identified. The outputs from the organizations are traced to the various
processes. System analysis is concerned with becoming aware of the problem,
identifying the relevant and decisional variables, analyzing and synthesizing the
various factors and determining an optimal or at least a satisfactory solution or
program of action.
A detailed study of the process must be made by various techniques like
interviews, questionnaires etc. The data collected by these sources must be scrutinized
to arrive to a conclusion. The conclusion is an understanding of how the system
functions. This system is called the existing system. Now the existing system is
subjected to close study and problem areas are identified. The designer now functions
as a problem solver and tries to sort out the difficulties that the enterprise faces. The
solutions are given as proposals. The proposal is then weighed with the existing
system analytically and the best one is selected. The proposal is presented to the user
for an endorsement by the user. The proposal is reviewed on user request and suitable
changes are made. This is loop that ends as soon as the user is satisfied with proposal.
News Feeds
Preliminary study is the process of gathering and interpreting facts, using
the information for further studies on the system. Preliminary study is problem
solving activity that requires intensive communication between the system users and
system developers. It does various feasibility studies. In these studies a rough figure
of the system activities can be obtained, from which the decision about the strategies
to be followed for effective system study and analysis can be taken.
Here in the project News aggregator, a detailed study of existing system is carried
along with all the steps in system analysis. An idea for creating a better project was
carried and the next steps were followed.
An important outcome of the preliminary investigation is the determination
that the system requested is feasible. Feasibility study is carried out to select the best
system that meets the performance requirements.
Feasibility study is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of the
project at the earliest possible time. It involves preliminary investigation of the project
and examines whether the designed system will be useful to the organization. Months
or years of effort, thousand for millions of money and untold professional
embarrassment can be averted if an in-conceived system is recognized early in the
definition phase.
News Feeds
The different types of feasibility are: Technical feasibility, Operational feasibility,
Economical feasibility.
1) Technical feasibility
Technical Feasibility deals with the hardware as well as software
requirements. Technology is not a constraint to type system development. We have to
find out whether the necessary technology, the proposed equipments have the capacity
to hold the data, which is used in the project, should be checked to carryout this
technical feasibility.
The technical feasibility issues usually raised during the feasibility stage of
investigation includes these
 This software is running in windows 2000 Operating System, which can be
easily installed.
 The hardware required is Pentium based server.
 The system can be expanded.
2) Operational feasibility
This feasibility test asks if the system will work when it is developed and
Operational feasibility in this project:
 The proposed system offers greater level of user-friendliness.
News Feeds
 The proposed system produces best results and gives high performance. It can
be implemented easily .So this project is operationally feasible.
3) Economical feasibility
Economical Feasibility deals about the economical impact faced by the
organization to implement a new system. Financial benefits must equal or exceed the
costs. The cost of conducting a full system, including software and hardware cost for
the class of application being considered should be evaluated.
Economic Feasibility in this project:
 The cost to conduct a full system investigation is possible.
 There is no additional manpower requirement.
 There is no additional cost involved in maintaining the proposed system.
Existing system refers to the system that is being followed till now. Presently
all the news aggregators provide the timely updates for all the categories such as
politics,business,sports etc.Thus a user will have to spent more time in browing to
obtain the updates for a desired category.This may lead to wastage of time if the page
containing the required data is unknown to the user. The main disadvantage is that
their will be lot of difficulties for the user to find the specified news updates for
his/her choice of category.
News Feeds
Draw backs of existing system.
 Difficult for user to find required news updates.
 Time consuming.
The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved
facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the existing
system. The system reduces time wastage. The existing system has several
disadvantages and many difficulties to work efficiently. The proposed system tries to
eliminate or reduce these difficulties up to some extent. The proposed system will
help the user to consume less time to obtain the required information. The system
requires very low system resources and the system will work only in internet
Advantages of Proposed System
 NEW AGGREGATOR allows the key elements of websites, such as
headlines, to be transmitted in unembellished form.
 It helps to share content between websites.
 It enables information from scores of websites to be viewed
simultaneously., all on one page, consequently, numerous sites can be
scrutinized in seconds rather than having to be tediously downloaded
 It has the ability to keep track of changes on the web.
News Feeds
. PHP can also be used to create dynamic web pages that are generated from
information accessed from a MySQL database. we can embed PHP commands
within a standard HTML page. PHP's syntax is similar to that of C and Perl,
making it easy to learn for anyone with basic programming skills. Another
feature that PHP offers is connectivity to most of the common databases
(including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, ODBC and many others, although
currently only MySQL is supported on the central webservers.) PHP also
offers integration with various external libraries, which allow the developer to
do anything from generating PDF documents to parsing XML.
Using PHP on Webserve
 Bang lines are not required and will be ignored if present. (This information is
provided for historical purposes as the previous web server environment
required bang lines.)
 You should use .php as the file extension. This refers to only PHP files
executed directly via a URL. Include files may use other extensions, such as
.inc. If you have PHP files that currently use .php4 extensions, it is strongly
recommended that you move toward using .php for these instead.
 The script must have owner execute permission. For best security, we strongly
recommend using permissions set to 700 (only owner has read, write, and
execute privileges).
News Feeds
 By default, when PHP creates a session file it stores it in /tmp. The /tmp
directory is local and independent to each of the backend web servers. Hence,
if a request is made to server_1, it stores the session file in its own /tmp. If a
subsequent request for the same user ends up going to server_2, it won't find
the original session file.
 The load balancers control how web requests are distributed across the
backend web servers. These load balancers are configured to provide session
persistence by tracking the IP address of the web browser and the backend
web server to which a request is sent. The goal is to send all subsequent
requests from a given web browser back to the same backend web server. As a
result, normally the PHP session files in /tmp work as expected because the
multiple requests for the same user is consistently sent to the same backend
web server.
 However, the load balancers can only cache so much data and eventually older
data is overwritten by new incoming requests. This can cause the loss of
persistence information. PHP allows you to specify the location of the session
files (i.e., other than /tmp). In the Webserve environment, it is recommended
that you create a session directory in the login directory of your account and
write the session information there. Doing it this way will guarantee session
persistence. You should do occasional cleanup of any unused session files that
aren't deleted.
News Feeds
When running your scripts, if you receive a 500 Internal Server Error message, please
check the following:
1. Check to make sure the file permission is set to 700 (read, write, and execute for
owner only).
2. Check the Directory (folder) permission. Setting it to 777 will give you a 500 -
Internal Server Error.
Set it to 711.
3. When the file/directory permissions are set correctly, and you are still getting a 500
error, it is likely due to line compatibility between the program used to create/upload
the file and the Linux server. To correct this, login to the account on Webserve via an
SSH client that provides a command line interface and do the following:
a. Move to the directory where your php file is using the 'cd' command (e.g., cd
b. Open the file using an editor such as nano and save it by typing Ctrl + o
This simple steps may solve your problem because it converts Windows CR/LF
(carriage return/line feed) to Unix LF (line feed) or Mac CR to Unix LF.
To prevent this problem, you need to change settings/preferences in the program you
are using to develop php files. To set preferences in Dreamweaver, go to Edit =>
Preferences. Select Code Format or HTML Format (depending on the versions).
Change Line Breaks to LF (Unix).
Connecting to MySQL using PHP
News Feeds
 The purpose of this document is to help the MySQL account holders get
started with developing their Web front for their MySQL database.
 Please note that the IU/UITS WebMaster and IU/UITS WebHost groups will
not be providing services related to database design, creation, and
management (often referred to as the DBA, or DataBase Administrator role) or
Web to database application programming services as part of the mySQL
database service.
 We provide the following codes as an example of scripts connecting to
MySQL DB from your Veritas/Champion account when you use PHP or Perl
 To make the code work for your account, replace port_number with your
mysql account's port number, user_name with your user name, and password
with the user's password.
A database is an organized mechanism that has the capability of storing
information through which a user can retrieve stored information in an effective and
efficient manner. The data is the purpose of any database and must be protected.
News Feeds
The database design is a two level process. In the first step, user requirements are
gathered together and a database is designed which will meet these requirements as
clearly as possible. This step is called Information Level Design and it is taken
independent of any individual Database Management System (DBMS).
In the second step, this Information level design is transferred into a design for the
specific DBMS that will be used to implement the system in question. This step is
called Physical Level Design, concerned with the characteristics of the specific
DBMS that will be used. A database design runs parallel with the system design. The
organization of the data in the database is aimed to achieve the following two major
 Data Integrity
 Data independence

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