Netted radar: Network communications design and optimisation

Networks of phased array radars are generally able to provide better counter stealth target detection and classification. Each radar sensor (or node) generates information which requires transmission to a central authority that is able to evaluate the information. This requires a communications network to be established to allow transmission of information to and from any node. Each radar node is limited by range and degree and relies on the formation of a multi-hop network to facilitate these transmissions.
This paper presents a model whereby the radar beam itself is used in the formation of a multi-hop network. The phased array’s multi-functional nature allows rapid switching between communications and radar function. A model of how the communication system could operate is presented, and an evolutionary optimisation algorithm based upon the concept of Pareto optimality is used for the topological design of the network. Finally, a simulation environment is presented to show the simulated performance of the communication model and designed networks.

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