Natural Disasters - Principles for Reducing Losses

India is one of the few countries afflicted most severely by multiple kinds of natural
disasters with a high frequency of occurrences, vast affected territories and grave losses. In
particular, since the 2000 economic losses due to natural disasters have been on the rise,
becoming major factor affecting economic growth and social tranquility.

The basic objective of disaster reduction is to develop national economy and
achieving sustainable Development. The disaster reduction should serve the economic and
social development and the relations between disasters reduction and economic development
should be properly handled. India capacity in disaster reduction should be fully enhanced by
increasing the aggregate national strength, eradicating poverty, implementing the strategy of
revitalizing the country through science, technology and education and fully displaying their
role in reducing disasters.

The identified some guiding principles as well as major targets, tasks and
measures with a view to reduce losses caused by natural disasters and to ensure sustainable
development of national economy and overall social progress.

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Mon, 11/04/2011 - 22:31