N-Mice Simulation

This is a simulation of the N-Mice problem, which is presented as the paths that "N" mice which are standing evenly distributed around a circle with a particular radius would take if they were all trying to reach the mouse on their right hand side. It turns out that mathematically they never reach each other, however physically they do. The paths they create are in spiral form, This application can simulate up to 20 mice, in theory it could do much more, however the visual effect of the nice spirals really begin to dissipate after about 20 mice. The simulation assumes each mouse as being an independent particle in 2D space, each particle (mouse) follows the particle on its right hand side, with an attraction force that is calculated via Newton's formula of matter to matter attraction. There are many other ways to implement this problem, a full mathematical definition of the problem and other possible solutions can be found at mathworld.

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