musical doorbell system

musical doorbell:

this project is basically used in home we use only doorbell system here we use musical this is my we use one IC (UM 3481 or UM 3482,UM 3483,UM 3484).in this IC having 16 terminals and we use one diode(IN 4007) in forward condition.we use one push switch it is used to connect the circuits and we use one capacitor(33p),two resistor(100k,470 ohms).one NPN transistor we using here(AC 187) and one speaker.

in this process here we give the input only 3V DC supply.the input supply is give diode in forward condition and output of the diode is connected with the 4th pin of the IC.the positive supply connected to the 2,3,16th pin of the IC terminal and speaker.the pin number 9 and 12 is sorted.the capacitor is connected with 13th pin of IC and resistor is connected with 14th pin of the IC and other end of the capacitor and resistor is connected with 15th terminal of the IC .the pin number 5,6,7,8 is connected with negative terminal of the supply.the 11th terminal of the IC pin is connected with the resistor and another terminal of the resistor is connected with base terminal of the transistor.transistor collector terminal is connected to speaker and emitter terminal is connected with negative terminal of the we switch on the supply the the doorbell is musically this project is musical doorbell system.

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