X-Ray Baggage Inspection System is a computer enabled portable equipment to identify any offensive material such as Weapon in a sealed baggage. This unit consists of a conveyorised belt, which is used to carry the object through the inspection tunnel, where X-rays are incident on the object. This signal is fed to Data Acquisition Card (DAQ), fitted to PC. An analog to digital converter, the part of the DAQ, converts the signal to an 8-bit digital signal. The PC captures the digital data produced by the analog to digital converter fitted to the DAQ. This data then displayed on the monitor screen as the image. The image thus obtained is refined, filtered using different kinds of the Image Processing techniques. The image edges are enhanced so that the objects are clearly visible and have a better look. Filters like Embossing filters (north embossed and south embossed), Laplacian Filter is applied for the enhancing and detecting the edges that makes the image of the inspected item more discernible. Also the proposal is a scheme for Adaptive Image Contrast Enhancement based on a generalization of Histogram Equalization (HE). HE is useful technique for improving the image contrast, but its effect is too severe for many purposes.

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