Movie Ticket Reservation using SMS.

Think of the long queues in front of theatres when your favorite movie releases. Those are history now with the latest mobile phone technology. Now a days the mobile penetration is so high that almost everyone capable of spending money for a balcony ticket uses a mobile phone

Mobile phone provides us with 3 connectivity options.


SMS (text)


We can use an IVRS to Book a movie ticket. Or we can send an SMS in a pre defined format or we can use GPRS to access a mobile page and book a ticket. Considering all these the most feasible and cost effective means is to use SMS. All phone models support SMS. Its cheaper than making calls. GPRS requires the network to be sophisticated and the phone must support GPRS.

To book a ticket the user sends a message in a predefined format specifying the show and the number of tickets to a special number. On receiving the SMS our system processes it to see if tickets are available for that particular show and gives a confirmation code to the user. The user can use that code to collect his tickets.

Technologies :- .NET/Java

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