Monitoring And Protection

In this Modern world the dependence of
electricity is so much that it has become a part and
parcel of our life. The ever increase in the use of electric
power for domestic, commercial and industrial purpose
necessities to provide bulk electric power economically.
In Power System consist of Generating transformer
Transmission line and Distribution circuit .Its invertible
that sooner or later some failure will occur somewhere
in the system. When as failure will occur somewhere
any part of the system it must be quickly detected and
disconnected from the system. The fault may Cause
damage to system equipments and may cause major
disturbance like system break down. For High Voltage
Circuits(say about 5.5kv) relays and circuit breakers
are employed to serve the desired function of automatic
protective gear .The relay detects the fault and supply
information to the circuit breaker which performs the
function circuit interruption

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