Molecular Computers




                         In this revolutionary world anything may happen at anytime, one such thing is the evolution of molecular computers which is are smaller than the components of present technology. This can be made with the help of “Nanotechnology”, an emerging technology which is bound to open a new world. In this paper we have used aromatic and aliphatic molecules for the formation of nano computing devices. The poly phenyl molecular chain takes the role of conductors and the alkyl chain or aliphatic molecules act as the insulators which forms a barrier for the conduction. The pi electron cloud over each molecule interconnects each other to form a massive electron cloud which is used transfer electron from one end to other and this form the basis for molecular electronic devices. These molecules are used for the design of molecular diodes and Resonant Tunneling Devices (RTD). The molecular diodes have the same electrical response as that of semiconductor diodes. The resonant tunneling devices form an electron channel to conduct in both directions. These RTDs have two barriers which are formed by the aliphatic molecules. These RTDs are used in the formation of XOR gates and AND & OR gates can be formed with the tour wires, molecular diodes and aliphatic molecular chain, which act as a resistor. In a RTD, the electron transfer occurs due the change in LUMA energy level between both sides of the molecule. Usually the ends of the molecules are plated using gold molecules for better insulation. Using these nano molecular devices like diodes,           RTDs, conducting tour wires and insulating aliphatic chain, we can form all the basic components of a computer. Here we have formed AND gates, OR gates, XOR gates using only molecular diodes and RTDs. By the formation of molecular gates we can form ADDER, SUBTRACTORS etc. We have designed molecular half adders and full adders. From these proposed models of basic computing molecular devices, we can form flip flops, registers, high density memory and so on. Thus the basic computing devices are designed for the formation of the nano computers which will revolutionize the future.

“Molecules are not only meant for compounding

but also for computing”

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