“MOBILE TRACKING” is based on J2ME and PHP. In
today’s fast world, mobile has become one of the important commodities of a human being. It has become a necessity rather than a luxurious commodity. The Mobile Tracking helps to track the current location of the mobile. It is a web
application. This application tracks the mobile location in every 5 seconds in connection with the central tower. The Mobile Tracking application will be deployed in Symbian supporting mobile phones. This system sends the following
information to the server.
Mobile ID
 Time at which the device was present on the above location The users of the mobile application can get the shop details of a place by providing the location. The application will fetch the shop information on that location and
display the details on the mobile screen. In the proposed system we have created an application by means of which we can track the movement of the mobile phone of the desired user. Each mobile phone has a unique Id and it is this ID that sets apart a mobile phone from other mobile phones. By means of this ID can identify each mobile and track the mobile phone anywhere we want.
The web application is create using PHP with MySQL as database. This serves as the Admin panel.
Admin can log in using his credentials Admin has the following functionalities
o Add new shop details
o Update and delete the shop details
o Get the history of the mobile by tracking the location and the time
The project consist of two major components
 Mobile Tracking Software deployed in the device
 Web application which serves as the Admin Panel
his application has two users
 Mobiles users

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