Mobile application for product search and price comparison

A real case scenario: We normally go to a store. Let us say an electronic store. We like a particular brand. But we wanted to know similar products from other brands and their prices. This would help us make an informed purchase decision.

What is available now: Currenly a single vendor based tools are available in large numbers. A very few multi vendor based tools are available with less features.

Research Problem: Multi vendor based product search and price comparison tool, which gather information from the Internet  (remember not already fed into the Database), and give us a better product information. And price comparison chart.

Suggestions: Android based tool would be a good start. Google provides a good SDK and IDE for it.

Where to get an example for this:  Google is your friend. Look at the Google's product search (Shopping) feature. Also try the Amazon's stores. These are PC based. A mobile based one is our try.

Future: One can extend this to more platforms. An iPhone app would be really good.



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Sat, 26/02/2011 - 20:45