Milkweed  fibre  (Asclepiadaceae)  is  obtained  from  the  stem  of  milkweed.  The  family  is

represented  by  several  genera  such  as  Asclepias,  Calotropis,  Ceropigia  etc.  Milkweed

contains an abundance of milk sap in its leaves, stem and pods. Many parts of milkweed are

used in medicinal applications. Milkweed fibres are hollow, with a thin wall and are therefore

lightweight.  The  hollow  structure  of  milkweed  fibre  has  led  to  its  use  in  items  where  good

insulation or buoyancy properties are needed. Like cotton, it is a single cell fibre, but unlike

cotton,  it  is  free  from  convolutions  and  has  low  cellulose  content.  Due  to  its  very  smooth

surface, spinning of 100% milkweed fibre is difficult. However, it can be blended with other

fibres and spun into a yarn. The fibre is extracted from stem of milkweed plant. The distinct

properties  are  better  durability,  stability  and  tenacity.  These  fibres  are  good  moisture

absorbency.  The  project  mainly  deals  with  testing  of  properties  and  medicinal  application.

The basic tests of this fibres is length, diameter, strength, etc. similarly the properties of these

fibres are also studied and compared with cotton.

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