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  Middleware technology is the one of the application in the informatics world. Middleware is the migrating mainframe application to client/server application.In the modern era of computers the middle ware is one or all are done in that.Depending upon the nature of application it will become vary. Since the goal of middleware is to centralize software infrastructure and its deployment, Java middleware is the next logical step in the evolution of middleware building upon the client/server roots.  Organizations are now commonly attempting integration across departments, between organizations, and literally across the world.  The key to building such integration is to leverage the existing technology of the internet.  The internet has enticed businesses with its ability to serve as a global network that lets departments and partners interconnect efficiently and quickly.

    Middleware is essential to migrating mainframe applications to client/serverapplications, or to Java or internet-protocol based applications, and to providing for communication across heterogeneous platforms. This technology began to evolve during the 1990s to provide for interoperabilityin support of the move to client/server architectures.  There are two primary applications for middleware using any of the above middleware initiatives:  Computer Telephony and Software Interfaces such as via Java based middleware applications.  In this discussion of middleware, we will explore both uses.









Middleware, which is quickly becoming synonymous with enterprise applications integration (EAI), is software that is invisible to the user.  It takes two or more different applications and makes them work seamlessly together.  This is accomplished by placing middleware between layers of software to make the layers below and on the sides work with each other (Figure 1).  On that broad definition, middleware could be almost any software in a layered software stack.  Further, middleware is a continually evolving term.  Since much of the software business is driven through the perceptions of the “hottest” current technologies, many companies are giving their software the name “middleware” because it is popular.


Middleware, or EAI, products enable information to be shared in a seamless real-time fashion across multiple functional departments, geographies and applications. Benefits include better customer service, accurate planning and forecasting, and reduced manual re-entry and associated data inaccuracies. 

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