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The main aim of this project is to know about the processes involved in the manufacturing of the turbine blade.
Turbine blades are used in the propulsive system of an aircraft, thermal power stations and hydro-electric power stations. These blades are responsible for extracting energy from the high temperature and high pressure gas produced by the combustor.
As these blades work mostly at high temperatures and pressures, they are designed to withstand high stresses and loads.
So the design procedure involves complicated aspects. Due to these complicated issues,
the blades are first modelled in software and are analyzed. Later the manufacturing process is
started and the procedure is continued until the required parameters are obtained.
These turbine blades are the major source for exit of the combusted gas, thus generating thrust for the engine.
This turbine section consists of many stages, of which the combination of one stator and one
rotor is placed in one Frame and these combinations at different levels constitute different stages.
The turbine blade manufactured here is denoted as F5R0 which means it belongs to frame’5 andstage’0 of the turbine section.

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