œMANAGEMENT IN SOFTWARE COMPANY “a website for any software company .The project has two General modules. They are explained below. 1. USER MODULE 2. ADMINISTRATOR MODULE USER MODULE They are several activities are performed in the user module. In our project we allow the lower level employee to view the all the details about the project, Group, Employee but they can’t made a single modification in that, even though it provides a more secure to the data. ADMINISTRATOR MODULE The administrator can do Add, Edit, Delete, Update all the details in every modules .but the both admin and user cannot change the password or id of any modules because the other data are change through ids. The DBA can only change the ids; the password cannot change for security MAIN modules are explained below .They are 1. PROJECT MODULE 2. EMPLOYEE MODULE 3. GROUP MODULE 4. UPDATION MODULE 5. ALLOCATION OF PERSONNEL 6. REMOVING A PERSONNEL 7. PROJECT REPORT

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