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Location Based Intelligent Mobile Organizer.(Using Android - 2011)

Most promising type of contextual information is the proximity selection known as Location Based Service Tracking location of a mobile device accurately has been a challenging research topic for decades. Global Positioning Systems is a top priority technology used for locating a device position accurately. Methodology for tracking can be done using a GPS receiver which is an additional hardware integrated in most of mobile equipment. We have used GPS as the approach idea for location tracking. The platform used for development is Android Operating System,is been proven as the best operating system for a context-aware location based services. Customer friendly user interface letting user to enter the task and store it for future retrieval is done using the exclusive SQLite inbuilt database available in Android mobile. User can align task associated with anylocation and retrieving details as alert before reaching a desired location of interest. User entering into this application is given an option for connecting to the database so as to verify the location updates. Information is then delivered at the right time in the right place to the right person. The mobile user will also be able to receive retail offers and discount information in the surrounding by this intelligent observer module.

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