This project describes a vehicle steering knuckle undergoing time-varying loadings during its service life. Also find the fatigue behavior of three different materials. Analyze the fine fatigue life and compare fatigue performance of steering knuckles made from three different materials like ADI, cast aluminum, and cast iron knuckles. Steering knuckle component is modeled by Pro/engineer, meshing is carried out Hypermesh 10.0.

The Abaqus 6.9 and fe-safe softwares are being used to analyze the deflection, stresses and fatigue behaviors. The project envisages that in addition, referring a number of load-controlled fatigue component tests conducted for the SG cast iron and cast aluminum knuckles. Finite element models of the steering knuckles also analyze to obtain stress distributions in each component. Based on the results of component testing and finite element analysis, fatigue behaviors of the three different materials are compared and also find the crack detection of the steering knuckle component based on two types of materials like cast iron and cast aluminum.

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Tue, 19/04/2011 - 21:34