LED lights for general illumination

LED lights must be used for general lighting segments namely Industrial,Commercial,Residential & Roadway lighting applications.LED lighting technology offers numerous advantages in the form of long life of 50,000+hrs, low power consumption & zero UV,IR emissions.Other major advantages are absence of Hg, variable viewing angle with more precise desired CCT, high luminous efficacy & better directivity.This new lighting technology can save lighting energy by up to 90% & can lower global CO2 emissions by more than 50%.It will prevent the setting up of hundreds of new power plants with efficient use of lighting energy if adopted.This emerging technology is revolutionizing entire lighting industry & will be changing the scenario in future.The only disadvantage is its high initial cost but can be overcome by efficient design with appropriate placing of components.LEDs had already made a dent in the Architectural Lighting Industry & is slowly foraying other segments More Info

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