lean six sigma methodology

LeanSix Sigmaor Lean Sigma is distinct business management strategies, lean manufacturing and Motorola's Six Sigma system. While the lean manufacturing methodologyconcentrates on creating more value with less work, the Six Sigma system strives to identify and eliminate defects in product development. Thus, Lean Six Sigma provides a method to accelerate a company's decision-making processes, while both reducing production inefficiencies as well as increasing product quality. When meshed together as Lean Six Sigma, each of these ideals serves to increase production speed while decreasing production variations.

The Lean Manufacturing methodology is used by an organization's leaders and engineers to fine-tune its daily operations, while the Six Sigma methodology is used to support innovations in the production process. Thus, while lean manufacturing is able decrease production waste, Six Sigma is able to implement procedures to increase product quality. Lean Six Sigma is a rigorous, data-driven, results-oriented approach to process improvement building a powerful Engine for Continuous Improvement.. It combines two industry-recognized management methodologies. By integrating the tools and processes of Lean and Six Sigma, a powerful engine is created for improving

quality, efficiency and speed in every aspect of your business.

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